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I'm just a college student with a major in Geology and minors in Biology and Space and Planetary Science. My favorite color is green and I love to read, collect plants for my plant press, and find interesting rocks. The book I am currently reading is Billion and Billions by Carl Sagan and Paleobiogeography by Bruce Lieberman. My current obsession is playing LotRo except I can't now until I get windows 7 because my sound drivers keep causing it to crash.

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Here is an interesting video interview with Peter Flaig, a geologist photographer who was searching for fossils in Antarctica and they had some very cool and interesting finds! Well worth the watch (it’s only about four minutes long). 

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i need someone to cosplay as steam punk jack & sally with me, thanks

Oh snap, check the steampunk Hades

steampunk Rapunzel

This is so cool!

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Andromeda Galaxy (via Spitzer: UV/InfraredInfrared; Visible Wavelenghts)

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Mexico’s first face transplant was successful. 7 year old, Raul Carrizales Jaramillo was mauled by a pitbull and his face was extremely damaged but now is recovering from his surgery.

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Thank the Lord! God is good!

Oh wow! Oh wow.. wow.

Such a beautiful boy

How about we thank the amazing doctors who actually did the work here? Not some non-existent sky fairy? It’s because of the doctors that this boy is in such good shape. 

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"When The Fairy Tale Ends, Real Life Begins"



This is one of the most amazing thing’s Ive seen on Tumblr.


Wow, amazing. 

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